More than a think tank, the Alta Innovation Institute is a catalytic organization committed to helping regions and countries create knowledge economy jobs. Our team of thought leaders in technology, entrepreneurship and capital formation are committed to unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.


Creating a successful startup means doing the right things in the right order. We’re helping hundreds of global entrepreneurs move their idea from concept to reality with a series of tools and networking programs.


Innovation is where unique R&D intersects with market opportunity. Our programs support university tech transfer programs, patent generation and access to the best IP in the world.


Small to medium businesses drive growth in country economies. Our proven programs for capital formation include seed stage through private equity with the creation of trusted investment networks.


"Congratulations on the Pacific Alliance Venture Capital conference, this is the first time I have seen such an impressive lineup of speakers, and leaders in Peru."

"Congratulations for the amazing work you have been doing in catalyzing the evolution of the Startup Ecosystem in Peru. The content, caliber of speakers and the quality of your VC Conference is by far the best event that has been organized in Peru so far for our industry."

"Thanks a lot for what you are doing for our ecosystem. The support of Alta has been the spark we needed to get the whole thing going here."